Sandals? Yes, Sandals!

The Summer is here and which part of yout body enjoy more with this season? Your feet! because it's their breathing time!

So we don't only need fresh clothes, we also need fresh and, of course fashion, footwear! So what should we use during the summer?

Sandals! Yes, Sandals! Strange? For some people sandals are just the most horrible and unfashionable thing we can use in the Summer, but that's not right! The secret is to choose the correct clothes and, the most important, choose the correct sandals for you!

This kind of sandals for men are my favourites:

Are beautiful, aren't they?
But you can easily find other great models like this one:

Those sandals can make you outfit or can destroy it! But it's up to you to decide what you want!

What I usually see on the streets are big, chunky and normally ugly sandals, combined with:
  • socks (If you wear it, please stop immediately!);
  • regular fit jeans (if you want to wear jeans or other trousers with sandals, they MUST be thights(at least, on the ankle)!
You should wear it with slim or skinny fit jeans or with bermudas!

If you're not convinces about his, let me show you how sandals can make a great outfit:

Wear sandals can be risky, it's not for everyone, but if you choose well, not only the sandals but also the outfit, and if you take take of your feet, you'll look handsome!

The Portuguese Gentleman.

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