Looking for... new beard styles?

David Gandy, David Beckham, Marlon Teixeira, Mariano Di Vaio, Jarrod Scott, George Clooney and Jon Hamm have different types of beard and it's the proof that, no matter your type of beard, you can look handsome with it! BUT ... and there's always a "but" ... it depends, of course, on the shape of your face and your style!

So, let's talk about those famous guys!

David Gandy 

"I'm very self-critical: I hate my hair, my lips, my nose. And I can't grow a full beard" David Gandy to Men's Health magazine. Yes... and he's the first male supermodel in the World. So if you don't have a full beard and you are worried about it...please take a look on this man and you'll feel better for sure! (I'm one of you guys!)

David Beckham 

This man has one of the most famous beards (if not ... the most!) in the World! He looks great no matter the length of his beard, because it's always shaped to accentuate his square face shape. 

But what about round heads? Keep some length on the chin and short on the cheeks. 
And...Long, narrow faces? Go in the opposite direction and stay trimmed. 

 Marlon Teixeira

This Brazilian model represents what, for me, is the mos rebel beard style. Casual and relaxed, it's great for men with less than 35/40 years old! What do you think?

Mariano Di Vaio

Heres he is. Mariano Di Vaio is one of the most famous models nowadays, and as famous as him, is his beard.  He keeps more length on the chin and moustache, and less in the cheeks. And, come on guys, he looks great! So why don't you try this style?

 Jarrod Scott

Well, this beard style is dangerous. In my opinion, it's a great style for whom have a face shape like Jarrod Scott. But, otherwise, it's very risky. In this case, I think Jarrod looks awesome with this beard.

George Clooney

It’s trimmed, even and comfortable as it should be. George Clooney knows how to use it! And let's be honest...Who doesn't want to look like him with his age? The photo of the left (below) shows how I imagine myself with 53 years old!

Jon Hamm

"I love no shaving"... that's the real reason why Jon Hamm have this great beard. If you can have a beard like him, why don't you try?

My type of beard nowadays? The german footballer and Borussia Dortmund's central defender, Mats Hummels can show to you:

What kind of beard do you like more?

And, just to finalize this article, there are 3 beard misconceptions:

  • Myth #1: Certain foods make your beard grow quicker. "No food or vitamin makes the beard grow faster. However, we do need amino acids or protein in our diet to grow hair. For instance, guys who are anemic often experience beard thinning."
  • Myth #2: If you shave more often, your facial hair will get fuller. "Shaving absolutely does not make your hair grow at any different rate. One reason it might seem that way? If you shave often, you're feeling the prickly sensation of hair growing back more frequently."
  • Myth #3: Gray beards are coarser. "If anything, our follicles become smaller as we age. Gray beards are not much different than regular ones, structurally speaking. If a Santa-like beard seems coarse, it's just because it hasn't been conditioned properly or is full of split ends. (Yep, you can get those with facial hair, too.)"—As told to Andrew Richdale
(Dr. David Colbert - Dermatologist - in an interview to GQ Magazine)

The Portuguese Gentleman.


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