Men's Home: The Living Room!

Are you a single man? or do you have somebody? actually it doesn't matter! The most important is that you should want to have the control about the place you'll spend years of your life: your living room! that's why the way you decorate this place is so important! it should be comfortable and practical!
The colours for a perfect men's living room?
  • Black
  • Gray

  • Brown

Here what I think it's really necessary in a men's living room:
  • TV -   The bigger and nicer television you buy, the better! As you know, television will be the center of the entertainment ar your home! 

  • Coffee Table - you'll need a good coffee table because it'll be part of everything you do in your living room. For me a living room without coffee table seems unfinished!

That's a great one!
  • Framed wall art - it doesn't matter if you don't have money to buy expensive pieces of art, but the walls of your living room need some photos, poster or various other pieces of art! They are the key to fulfill the empty walls and show your interests to your visits. Try to put ir on the floor instead of hang it on the wall (as you can see in the picture below):
    • Ideas?
      • An ancient map on the wall to show that you love to travel 
      • Old car models to reflect a love of racing
      • Old sailing ships for lovers of the sea
      • Human body naked shape - nudity, not porn! (you choose the gender)
  • Couch - a good and confortable couch is as important as the television because you'll sit on it almost all the time and is the most important piece of your living room!

  • Lamps - Low light it's perfect to create a relaxing environment! If you don't like it you should install a strong light fixture overhead with a dimmer for softening the light when needed. 
  • Speakers - I just don't believe you don't like it! Every men, who like sports, movies, series or like me, loves a great sound system. It's like an addiction!  

Here you have more suggestions for you living room:

Framed wall art...It must reflect your tastes!

Books on the floor? Helmet? awesome!
That lamp!

the gray, the mirror, the lamps...elegance.

If you prefer brown...
Simplicity and Elegance!
One thing is missig to be perfect: the television!

Books and men's magazines can be great for decoration.

You don't need to be a master of decoration. By decorating with items reflective of your passions, you can bring grace and elegance even to the simple decor.

What do you think?

The Portuguese Gentleman.


  1. Fantastic post :) Have you seen Tom Ford's Single Man (the movie with Colin Firth)? This post reminded me of it - his house was perfection, including the living room.

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